Technology is maybe the most important thing that has emerged in our lives as the beacon of hope at times of hopelessness and loneliness. During 2020, we have understood the importance of the digital platform as well as our cell phones. The arrival of Android 11, maybe, was the most ebullient phenomenon of 2020. Now that 2021 has come bearing rays of hope, it is high time for the developers to take heed to the mind-blowing features of Android 11 and hail it in a proper manner.

In a span of a few months, the Android 11 has become a favorite of the developers, and for good reasons. The features are quite productive and pragmatic. It comes with a smooth experience and 5G which is a treat altogether. One can enjoy 4K videos, games without any problems. Dynamic met redness API will enable one to automatically change the resolution as per the connectivity. Isn’t that quite wonderful? Apps can also manage hole-punch screens and waterfall screens. It also reduces memory copying, enhances quantization support, and many more.

Bubbles API will be active in Android 11 which will enable you to multitask as you have access to every conversation going on, in the form of bubbles on your screen. It will also give you access to insert assets via copy-paste in the notification bar. Convenient, and brisk, I would say. The performance of Android 11 is said to be on a whole different level as it makes its way into the hearts of the developers. It is highly recommended that they all give it a try and enhance its abilities even more. It’s high time for upgrading your android. It is faster, better and practical.

The dark horse of the Android 11 is its new features in privacy and security. It is quite impressive. You are given the option of one-time permission. Android has always been very keen on its privacy and security settings. Now you can even enhance their biometric to meet a wider range of is now active on a more granular level, even in the weak device credentials. Apps can even share data not safely with other devices via enhancing. Lesser app crashes, almost zero will be seen as they have enhanced platform hardening. It may also be able to support and secure data and retrieval of verification or identification documents. Even this has helped the android application development services company to gain more confidence and expand their businesses. 

The software update is able to enhance security, privacy, consistency, smoothness, and power. The perks are striking. You may also increase your, “On the go.” Experience with the 5G feature of Android 11 with its effortless interaction with friends, family, colleagues, and other professional acquaintances.

Android 11 is not just a new update, it is the threshold of the brave, new, world. It is absolutely a prudent choice for the developers. Voice recognition has also evolved to a new level. It is now able to understand the screen context. It reboots itself after every software update. In other words, Android 11, is impeccable in almost every aspect. The implementation of Android 11 is still ongoing and developers are still working to make it more than perfect software.

It also comes with a feature of screen recording which is extremely useful nowadays. After all, lectures can be recorded and then heard later. It also has a dark theme. You can also prioritize your conversations. It also gives you an option of notification history which is a magnificent feature. There will also be a resizable Picture in Picture feature. Androids gesture navigation is also upgraded. You can select how sensitive you want it to be. The whole newness of Android 11 has caught the eye of everyone.

As days pass, the hype for it rises even more. Developers are happy with its performance. The break from the stereotypical android system is greatly enjoyed by everyone around. Notification, connectivity, power, security, privacy, accessibility, voice navigation, biometrics everything has evolved and for the best it has. So, the developers should give it a try and see how immaculate android 11 is. That of course if they have not tried it yet. After all, it’s the rising star of the industry right now and it has every right to be. Nevertheless, to say, it will be a prudent choice to choose the Android 11. Along with that the android application development services providing companies will be thriving for years to come.

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Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is  Web Design and Web development Company, helping global businesses to grow. He love to share his thoughts on hybrid android app development.

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