It is the responsibility of online businesses to make sure that customers are secure when buying products online. More people are now opening E-business as they learn their advantages. The number of people doing transactions online has also risen exponentially as a result. Establishing an E-business website is very easy, especially when you’re using the best web design Hertford has to offer. Using the best services ensures that you have a fully functioning, practical and attractive site which is appealing to any online shopper. The hard task is making the website secure. An E-business website should offer customers a great experience and secure payment methods. A secure website will encourage customers to do business with the firm again. Here are some of the ways I used to ensure safe transactions on my e-business website.

Research on Recent Breaches

This is the best way to prepare for breaches beforehand. This method has always helped me detect weaknesses in my websites. I use this information to make my site more secure and correct any mistakes. Some data breaches are done through a user’s phone. I make sure to follow all the website updates and keep all users informed about any security threat that we may experience. We also teach them some of the things they should not do on the internet to avoid breaches. This has seen my business increase the number of customers as they feel secure when using the business site.

Collect Relevant Data

Only request data that will be useful to the business. Collecting irrelevant data places your business at risk of penalties in case of a breach. My E-business website uses CTAs that require customers to fill in relevant information when carrying out transactions. Research shows that many customers do not like filling out online transactions when asked many questions. I am able to complete many successful transactions in my e-business since my site does not ask irrelevant questions. While traveling to certain countries like China with strict censorship systems data could be collected from your users so it is important to use VPNs and the best vpn for china is the one that offers the best bandwidth and speeds.

Payment Information

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act states that storing customer financial details is illegal. The majority of business sites require customers to provide their details before a transaction can be done online. However, this information is no longer useful after the transaction has been completed. Having such information might place a business website at the risk of being hacked. This can harm customers and ruin the reputation of the business. I always delete all the personal information collected during a transaction to avoid such problems in my business. It is advisable to delete all information collected or store this information in offline storage. This practice ensures customer information is protected even if a site is hacked.

Encrypt Sensitive Data

Customers’ personal information is sensitive and should not be accessed by every employee in the business. There should be only a few employees who have access to this information to decrease the chances of hacks or breaches. I use cryptographic keys, passwords, and certificates to prevent unauthorized people from accessing customers’ details. Cases of hacks on my business website fell after I added passwords. The same can happen to your website if you place strong passwords to protect customers’ information.


There is a need to carry out regular updates on a business website to keep it up to date with the current security trends on the internet. This practice makes sure that any malware, vulnerabilities, and loopholes in existence are repaired. The existence of such loopholes on our sites makes our customers’ data vulnerable to hacks. I have subscribed my business website to an automatic system updater which keeps it updated at all times. This ensures that all transactions done on my website are secure. It also protects my website from viruses which can affect user accounts negatively.

Use a Secure Payment Processor

It is important to research the most secure and trusted payment processor before creating a partnership. Using the most reputable payment processor will give you a chance to use their security measures when carrying out transactions. This aspect has made many customers trust my business. Transfer of money in my online business is done in a fast and secure way since I partnered with a secure payment processor.


The Security Sockets Layer (SSL) is important in creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. The encrypted link makes sure that data passed between a web server and a browser remains private. For more security, I combined HTTP and SSL to get HTTPS. This helps protect my business from enactment attacks.

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