The FireStick apps help to make your experience worth your while. This device is quite known to hold a range of the latest movies, TV shows, music streaming, and sports channels. Just with a touch of a button, you can get quick access to your favorite content. The only thing that can overwhelm you is to wonder what apps are best for you to download since there are thousands of them.

The best apps for FireStick are compatible with the Fire TV devices, including FireStick TV Cube, FireStick 4K, and FireStick Lite. This is why you need a guide to help you decide which apps you should install. Here you will find top-notch apps you can choose to install.

What is FireStick?

The Amazon FireStick or Fire TV Stick is a streaming device sold by Amazon. It is indeed quite small in size but holds multiple streaming channels with the capability of changing nearby television into a ‘smart’ TV. It is quite similar to Roku and shaped like a USB flash drive which you can easily plug into the HDMI port of your TV.

Using a FireStick, you can stream apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc. For instance, the Disney Plus FireStick app can enable you to stream all the movies and TV shows that you love. This is one of the most significant reasons why many users are interested in getting a FireStick device.

The Best FireStick apps for 2022

After you decide to get your FireStick device, here are some apps that you might be interested in. Go through the list and hand-pick the ones that you need.

1.      Cinema APK [Free]

Cinema APK is a well-known and popular Android app for TV shows and movies. It came into existence just before the Terrarium TV went down. With the content you can stream for hours, Cinema APK is one of the best entertainment FireStick apps.

There is an active team of developers working behind the app and keeping the content library filled with new releases. This app does not own any of its own content. It just fetches the link for streaming from multiple servers in various locations.  

2.      CatMouse [Free]

It is another great app for FireStick users. The on-demand content it has is the center of its attention. This app resembles a lot like Terrarium TV in the sense of the looks and functions. It is safe to say that it is a clone.

At the moment, this app is working quite perfectly. You can binge-watch a lot of content on it with top-notch quality. You can also find multiple full-HD steams, which is something everyone craves these days. CatMouse is famous among FireStick users.

3.      CyberFlix TV [Free]

When Terrarium TV shut down, many clones were seen in the market, and yes, CyberFlix is one of them. And since it is a clone, it does look like Terrarium TV. Moreover, the functionality it has is so much like the one of Terrarium TV.

This particular app includes a robust collection of TV shows and movies. It fetches the stream from various sources, which were also previously seen in Terrarium TV. If you have a Real-Debrid account, you can sign in with that and get premium access and full HD streams. 

4.      Popcornflix [Free]

It is a streaming service acquired by Soul Entertainment back in 2017, which lets you stream and enjoy free movies and TV shows. The purpose of creating this streaming service was to entertain people who want to stream movies and TV shows without paying a single penny.

Be it documentaries, original web series, or foreign films, Popcornflix has got it all for you. On the internet, it is one of the best hubs for free movies and TV shows. Furthermore, it is available in 60 countries, but you can use it anywhere in the world by installing it from a third party.

5.      BeeTV [Free]

If you need an app with an unlimited collection of movies and TV shows, you should try getting BeeTV. With the huge content library that BeeTV owns, you can easily binge-watch for hundred of hours and still have so much to watch.

BeeTV is among the on-demand services which do not host content of its own. You can think of it as an aggregator which pulls multiple streaming links from different sources present on the internet. Also, the regular updates allow users to have something new to watch every time.

6.      Netflix

You can call Netflix the father of all other streaming services. Every other streaming service that you now see in the market has not beaten Netflix in competition. It is a paid service that includes thousands of movies and TV shows.

It has never gone out of style, which is something worth keeping an eye out for. There are some countries where the services of Netflix are not available because of the geo-restrictions; in this case, you can get a trusted VPN subscription which will help you stream it without any interruptions. 

7.      Kodi

After Netflix, the other app that comes closest to it is Kodi. It is an open-source, free media player that makes streaming easier for you. It helps you watch content from all over the world. There are unlimited movies and TV shows that you can get your hands on. 

Moreover, Kodi is legal to use. You can also download the third-party Kodi add-ons that are not already available on it. Most FireStick users enjoy streaming content on Kodi, and their experience has been great so far. 


It depends on your personal preference regarding which apps you want to have on FireStick TV. It can indeed be confusing to decide which apps you want to get on FireStick. However, the apps mentioned above are some of the most popular choices of the existing users of FireStick. Hopefully, you can decide which apps you want to add to your Fire TV and start streaming without any restrictions.

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