I know tactics have changed in search engine optimization, and numerous SEO tips exist. However, I want to narrow it down to five fundamental tips that have remained unchanged. We all agree that search engine optimization, commonly known, as SEO is arguably the most rewarding and cost-effective aspect of digital marketing. These tips are effective whether you are new to the business and planning to launch your website or you have had a website for years. You might also wish to look for more relative tips that can be geared towards your websites niche, for example, should you work in any department for a bail bond company, perhaps showing the Bail Webmasters site for tips and tricks into SEO for the specific niche could be greatly advantageous for the company and its marketing efforts.

1. Do a Website Audit

I would recommend a website audit now and then. If your business already has a website, you should assess the website to determine what ails it. There are numerous tools available to audit different aspects of your business website. In my case, I ensure that Google Search Console and my Google Analytics are set and reporting data actively from my website. Through Google Analytics, I can access information on user behavior, demographics, conversions, acquisitions, and much more. On the other hand, Google Search Console shows popular search queries that lead users to my website. A website audit enables me to know whether I should resolve any issues for Google crawling and readability.

2. Identify and Remove Anything that Slows Down Your Site

After doing a thorough website audit, the second step should be to identify and remove anything that could be slowing down your website. I will tell you this for sure, page speed matters in SEO. Currently, you cannot succeed with a slow-loading website. I remember when I had the patience to wait for several minutes for a site to load. Times have changed, and I doubt that I would be willing to wait that long for a website to load.

A slow website will frustrate users and discourage them from purchasing your products. A slight delay in page load time could cause a significant loss in conversions. Many potential buyers assume that a slow site is an untrustworthy page. Site speed is one of the most crucial ranking factors in Google.

3. Link to Relevant Websites

I used to think that linking out to authoritative and relevant content pages would take people off my page, but I was wrong. For years, link building has remained an integral part of smart SEO strategy. I link my website to thousands of top-notch sites, including my immediate competition. Linking to relevant sites makes your website a valuable resource and sends out trackable traffic. Whenever I write a new blog, I link or reference other relevant and trustworthy sites where appropriate. You can’t get from others what you aren’t willing to give. Therefore, if you seek inbound links from relevant blogs, you should also be willing to link out to those blogs from your posts.

4. Do not Write Solely for the Search Engines

I have noticed that many bloggers are making the mistake of going back to the idea of stuffing their blogs with keywords to manipulate search results. I think it is best to write engaging and valuable content, what I call writing for humans. You shouldn’t try to manipulate the search engines. Whenever I write content for my website, I do not prioritize the search engines over my audience or the humans who will read my work. Why do I do this? Because search spiders are just scripts and won’t buy my products. Search spiders cannot interact with me on social media and will never be my loyal customers. I focus on writing to people who will buy my products, become my loyal clients, and refer other clients to me.

5. Publish Unique Content Regularly

Discipline is crucial when it comes to content creation for your website. You should ensure that you create unique content regularly to improve SEO. Unique content will affect the freshness score, which consequently affects the search engine rankings for a site. Posting new content to your website consistently will boost your rankings.


Search engine optimization is important because it makes your website visible. It would be no use to create an exceptional website, but customers have no idea that you exist, which is why it would be beneficial to look at as many tips for SEO from the likes of reputable names or companies in the SEO industry and marketing world. I would advise any person who seeks to take their business to the next level to invest in the right SEO strategies.

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