Technology has been expanding and evolving rapidly while digital products have become more complex. To ease this process, several new techniques and ideas have been proposed and implementation of these have already started to give a flavor to the new digital era

UX design refers to the User Experience Design while UI design refers to User Interface Design. Both of these terms are often misunderstood and misread when thought from different perspectives. Both of these are crucial and work together with some similarities and some differences. 

UX Design is mostly an analytical based and a technical field where UI Design refers basically to graphic designing, though the work is somewhat more complex. User Experience design basically helps in developing and improving the quality of interaction between the user and the company. 

UX UI design trends witnessed a shift toward designs with more complex visual effects and digitalization. There are various UX UI designs that will be trending in 2019. Some of them:

1. Vibrant Color Palettes: 

  • With Vibrant color palettes you will be able to enhance the readability and legibility aspects of your audience. 
  • Yes, it supports intuitive interaction which is a great advantage to have. 
  • You will also benefit in the form of recognizability which will exclusively keep the audience engaged for a longer period of time.

2. Storytelling and Typography: 

  • With typography you will be able to develop a strong visual hierarchy. 
  • Storytelling and Typography plays a major role in getting the best of  user experience which is surely a big benefit to have. 
  • The storytelling will keep the users engaged with a brand and make them feel like a part of it. 

3. AI: 

  • AI technology will bring in the advantage of consistent and smooth interaction. 
  • It will bring the voice command in play. There are many apps and websites developed with the usage of voice communication for a better experience and this shows how beneficial it will be in the coming time. 

4. VR: 

  • Virtual reality has a significant impact on the users and is keeping them engaged.
  • The VR technology will be used in the health sector for curing different types of phobias and also in education domain to enhance communication. 
  • It is exclusively acknowledged as internet of experiences because of its strong impact on users.

5. Purposeful Animation: 

  • Motion design animation is way more than just presentation. It is exclusively an embedded segment of branding. 
  • The animation catches the attention of its users and keeps them engaged or interested in the respective story. 
  • The usage of animation will certainly get in more engagement of users and eventually it will get even more profitable for businesses.

So, these are the few UX UI design trends that will be trending in 2019.

The convenience of having an advanced machine helps you in performing any sort of digital tasks. It will ultimately favor everyone from the visually impaired to the illiterate users so that everyone gets the chance of accessing the web in the years to come. Technologies are introduced to bring changes across the entire globe and from which everyone can benefit. 

Simplified authentication is yet another area of advancement. We often these days suffer from password related problems. Thus, with simplified authentication, users can be connected to a large number of devices and more digitized accounts than ever with ease. Such a system will not only make things smoother and easier for the user but will also grant much security than before. 

As we step into the coming years, the user-centered design will be a top priority of many companies. Well, people have a wide area of interests to pursue but if one’s interested in subjects and topics of sociology, then cognitive science approach towards User Experience is perhaps the best option but if one understands the principles and is more visually inclined, then User Interface Design will help you achieve your set goals. 

So basically UX UI design trends in 2019 will be a combination and mixture of personalized experiences, voice user interface, simplified authentication, the rise of gestures, multi-device experiences and many more. 

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