Mobile technology is basically a form of technology that can be used while on the move. It is the use of portable devices in communication. However, in the recent past, this has changed and mobile technology is not only used for communication purposes, but also for carrying out business activities.
With the development of various mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, smart phones, mobile applications and GPS devices, it is now easier to carry out business activities while on the go. A business owner does not necessarily have to be in the office in order to carry out his business duties. Mobile technology has enabled the small scale business owners to provide better and accessible products and services to his customers wherever they are.

     It ensures that he remains in contact his fellow colleagues and is always in touch with his customers. Since communication is necessary while dealing with employees and customers, mobile devices can be used in video enabled communication. An example is the use of Skype in communicating. A business owner can be present in business meeting through the video enabled communication even though he is away from the office. Mobile devices also enable the business owner to interact and develop new relations with customers through social media, making communication and networking a lot easier.

The business owner is able to carry out his business activities even while on vacation away from his computer. With the use of Smartphones or laptops, he is able to access his assignments and work on them just as though he was in the office. Customers on the other hand can be able to access information on the various products and services offered by a particular producer while on the go. They do not necessarily have to go the producer’s office for information.  They can send an email and get instant feedback from the producer. Payment of products and services can also be done by the use of mobile devices. This can be made possible by the use of mobile banking services. A consumer is able to pay for goods and services from his/her mobile phone to that of the producer. This ensures that there is quick delivery of services and that the customer does not have to go to the office or bank to pay for goods and services. 

     Creation of a mobile friendly website is an important step for a small-scale business owner. It ensures that the customers are able to access the company’s website with the use of their mobile phones. This not only attracts customers loyal to the producers, but also those who may be looking for a particular product but are new to the area. This therefore calls for the use of SEO professional writers who ensure that the producer’s website is well written with the information about the business which will promote traffic to the site and hence become more visible to users. Creating a mobile friendly website includes simplifying the web design to ensure it is easily accessible through mobile phones or creating a website that is specifically meant consumers who use the mobile phones.
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