While some people love hopping to the new things to see how it would go, some take trails to final out one thing. Although the hit and trial approach might be exciting when applying a special code or when seizing other things, it can be risky when creating a website.


Further, even the simple websites contain lots of moving parts; however, if your site is too complicated to navigate, your clients will leave it immediately. This will pull down the sales and would miss the chance of getting engaged to your potential clients. So, how can you create a beautiful, catchy website without much hard-work?

One of the best ways to create an amazing site is by using a wire frame. A Wireframe is a simple black and white layout that features the size and placement of the site features, page elements, conversion areas, and navigation to improve your website.

Unlike other designs, they are devoid of font choices, color, logos or other elements to help you focus on real site structure. In simpler terms, the wireframe is a blueprint for a website, which allows you to see the placement of everything on the page.

So if you are soo going to design a website, an app or even a single web page, here are some free and open source tools that will help you:


MockFlow is a fully featured, free wireframe tools with the huge library of templates to help designers create a website, Sitemaps, app interface blueprints and more. It is used by many designers and Tampa, FL design company to get an overview of a website.

This wireframe also let you choose templates, layouts, and components from the third party. The image and the component collection of the Mockflow also include forms, shapes, icons and navigation bars to display different elements in your mock-ups.


Lucidchart offers easy collaboration on different wireframes and UI design tools offering different designers the ease to edit at the same time. Further, it has chrome add-on extension offering the ease to add the Lucidchart to Google Docs.


It’s a desktop based wireframe with all the amazing features at free of cost. Using Pencil, you can create wireframes of multipage that too with the links between each page. And the best part, it will also preserve your links, when you export the wireframes to the HTML webpage. There’s also a huge library of templates, shapes to include in the design.


If you want to create the architectural documentation and want to visualize the navigation flow, you can use the InVision’s cloud-based solution.  Further, InVision is a built-in tool that lets testers realistically navigate the web page or app.


It’s a cloud-based design that comes with the full library of icons and stencils. The Moqui lets you import your images to adhere to your website’s look and feel. Its intuitive drag and drop editor helps designers to design wireframes of sites, storyboards, and flowcharts.

Fluid UI

It’s another cloud-based wire framework that offers designers with a vast library of more than 2000 different elements. Using this, you can create interactive prototypes and can also create page animations to get the visual of how your website will look in the future.

Overlooking a wireframe is a big mistake, so next time you are in the process of developing a website, do have a visual display of the site architecture and use a Wireframe!

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