App market is turning out be more competitive with every passing day; particularly for startups coming up with new app ideas and expecting quick success. There lie several challenges to get an app that will really benefit a business. A startup, in a process of getting an app, whether for marketing or popularity, has to face these challenges to emerge as a successful brand in their industry.

Although, it’s not easy to make an impact in the app market but it’s also not impossible, at all. Here are the points helping startups to become successful with their mobile app:
The Mobile App discovery
App discovery is big thing for any startup. It associates several aspects such as whether there is audience available for particular app idea or not and, whether your app idea makes life of app-user simpler or not. If your app delivers what exactly the audience is looking for, it certainly has better chances to attain success.
Startups need paying attention in the beginning that how discoverable there app will become because the more it will have ability to be discovered, the more it will have users and of course, the more it will have users, the more it will be successful.
Mobile App Development Approach
These days, apps are created with more than one approach. We have native mobile app technology and then, we have hybrid approach to create an app. Every approach has its advantage and disadvantage. Native approach, for example, is the preferred way of building a mobile app because an app created through this approach is capable of accessing the native hardware of a device but because it’s fairly expensive, not all businesses can afford it. On the other hand, hybrid is the suggested approach for those businesses which are looking for low-budget app implementation but then, this approach doesn’t support all native hardware functionalities.
You have to decide on an approach as per the features and functions you need in your app, along with cross checking whether particular mobile app development approach supports the implementation of these features or not.
How Many Devices Does Your App Support To?
One big factor contributing to the success of a mobile app is its availability on all key devices/ platform in use. People use different types of devices from different brands or companies. Also, they prefer devices running on different operating systems. However, it’s not possible to make an app available for all the devices/OSs but it should at least be expanded to popular devices and operating systems which hold major market shares. iOS and Android are the names to a few of them.
Delivering Better Performance with Consuming Minimum Device Battery
The success of an app depends on its acceptability. But people accept and want to keep only those apps which deliver high-end performance, are bug free, and consume minimum battery.
An ideal app is one which delivers the best performance it can with consuming minimum battery of the device it’s running on. This attribute can be attained when mobile app development team chooses the right tools and technology to build an app.
Keep the Required Investments Already Arranged
Taking mobile app development as a one-time process is the biggest mistake many startups do. Like any other software development, a mobile app development, regardless of the purpose it’s aimed at, is never a single-time process. When app is fully developed, you will need adding new features based on the requirements and suggestions of users and to do so, you will need adequate amount of money.

Market Competition
Once you successfully launch an app, the next thing to do is to begin its marketing. Marketing and promotion of an app is all about informing your audience for whom you have entered the industry with your app.
ASO (App Store Optimization)
Last but not least, you will also need app store optimization so that the store-page hosting your app will receive higher rankings in manual search results.

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  1. Mobile app development is growing more and more difficult these days ,new technologies are coming day by day and developers face many problems specially startups and freshers face problems with new app ideas and expecting quick success

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