Increasingly, digital marketing is passing the classic offline marketing activities. On the one hand, there are numerous types of digital marketing that consistently adapt to the new digital user behaviour.

Digital marketing is virtually predestined for continuous optimization. Using various tools, the success of the individual marketing measures can be measured very precisely.
As a generic term for all online activities that can be assigned to the marketing of a company, digital marketing stands for the digital transformation of marketing and sales. One of the key benefits of digital marketing is that your actions and marketing activities are measurable.
Despite this possibility, too many marketers still rely on other key performance indicators, such as the number of new customers or social network statistics. However, this information does not provide you with exact information. For example, which measures have led to success and how you can improve them?
The starting point of every success is the goal. You also have to set goals in digital marketing in order to be able to follow them.
Here is the important role of Digital Marketing in Startups:
The Website Traffic:
As with inbound marketing, website traffic plays an important role in digital marketing. Because the first time you visit your website, an Internet user enters your customer journey.
Since in inbound marketing your goal should be to get as many people through the funnel of your customer journey as possible, you naturally want to know where these visitors come from. Which source was responsible? So, for example, Google organic search, PPC ads like AdWords, social networks, email campaigns, etc.

Content performance and lead generation:
As soon as an unknown visitor has landed on your site, you naturally also want to make him a lead, i.e. a well-known visitor. This is done on a landing page with a form that fills in your visitor. In return, he or she may receive a white paper, e-book, or weekly newsletter from you. At this point, your ideas for campaigns are in demand.
Again, measurement is equal to optimization. Once you know which pages the user has viewed and on which he eventually became your lead, you can expand those offerings. Meanwhile, you may also notice which offers are not being considered. So you can spend less time in the future.

Attribution is the first digital touch point a customer has associated with your business before deciding on your product. With this information, you can thus specifically optimize your sales cycle. After all, you now know which path has led your customer to buy. The digital linkage between sales and marketing is often effective.

The overall performance:
ROI is without a doubt a good tool for measuring the success of a marketing activity in the short term. In the long term, however, you should broaden your view and break away from isolated evaluations. To do this, connect the individual touch points along your customer journey and engage with the Customer Lifetime Value, the success that a lifetime customer will bring to you. So you make longer-term and informed decisions about the use of your marketing.

Thus, Digital Marketing plays an important role in SEO Company. This will reinforce your successful actions and separate you from the less successful ones. So start with the marketing analysis right now and be one step ahead of your competition. 
Author Bio :- James Tredwell is a Technical SEO who works with unique problems and advanced search situations. He helps clients improve organic traffic through a deep understanding of Google’s algorithm and Web technology. 
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