• Google Chrome is the first browser to incorporate machine translation in-built in the browser… without requiring additional plugins, extensions, etc..When the language on the web page does not match the language preferences set in the browser.. Google Chrome will automatically ask you whether to translate the web page into your preferred language or not. And thus you can easily translate web page content… 🙂

  • While browsing anything and suddenly if you come across any word that you dint understand and you are going to search that on google then you just simply need to select the text to highlight it and then > right-click > select “Search google for” which will open a new Tab and search for the selected text.. This will help you search things Quickly and saves your time… 🙂

  • Smart Search > While you Type “youtube.com” in the address bar AND press “Tab”… it will change the address bar to “Search in youtube.com:”… and type any keyword you directly get search results for it….Example : youtube.com<press tab>technology
  • For Quicker Calculation – it makes easy

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