Different social media channels whet the effectiveness of SEO exercises. When you publish a post on your website and expect it to perform well, you need to share it to all prominent social media channels. If your content is user-centric, meaningful, and interesting, then visitors like to share it further. This gives you a great boost and helps to earn more business opportunities easily & quickly.

In case you run a WordPress site, you can use WordPress plugins in your SMO efforts and generate social leads in an easy way. Just go through our selection of top Social Media plugins. Let’s get started.

1. Subscribe To Comments Reloaded

Useful posts encourage visitors to submit their comments and share their ideas with their peers. Generally, most of the visitors forget to a make comment again once their first comment goes live after moderation. As an ardent WordPress site owner/admin, you should use Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin. It allows commenters to sign up for e-mail notification of subsequent entries. Subscribers need to confirm their subscription clicking on a link they will receive via email. They can also unsubscribe certain posts or cancel the delivery of all notifications if they want. The plugin supports several languages too.

2. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Every website owner wants to reduce the bounce rate of the site and increase its readability up to a great extent. Generally, visitor land on your site, read their desired content, deal with your offers, and go away. They hardly tend to read the additional content.
So, in order to encourage visitors to read more & more content, you should use YARPP plugin. It automatically displays pages, posts, and custom post types based on the current entry of visitors. It can boost the readability of your site’s content greatly and contribute significantly to the generation of leads.

3. Social Share Buttons

Social sharing of your site’s posts is beneficial for your site you think in terms of lead generation, traffic, page views, etc, generated through social media websites. To promote the social sharing of the content, you must add social sharing buttons to your site using the social share buttons plugin. This may encourage visitors to share the content with their friends, relatives, neighbors, etc, and give you its business benefits.

4. ReviveOld Post

“ Old is Gold” is a popular proverb. It holds true for your old content that performed well in the past. You can use the Revive Old Post plugin to make your old, but popular content goes viral among social media users once again. The plugin automatically shares old posts on different social media channels and help you increase the traffic to your site. Based on your specific needs, you can set the sharing interval and number of posts.

5. GetSiteControl

All WordPress website owners strive to propel their targeted audience into the marketing funnel and generate leads one after another. But, the disappointing fact is that not everyone will accept your offering easily. That is why you should emphasize to make them social media followers and try to forge an amicable relationship with them by offering what they are looking for. All these can easily be done with the help of the GetSiteControl plugin.

6. Shareaholic

Shareaholic is a first class WordPress plugin for all those individuals who target not only for increasing the social sharing count but also focus on article recommendations, related content, etc. All these are likely to boost the time and engagement of visitors greatly on your website.

7. WordPressto Buffer

If you want to increase the social media fans/followers of your brand, then you need to maintain consistency in SMO activities. But, the distractions of life (family responsibilities, movies, traveling, etc, ) disturb your routine SMO works. However, with the help of this plugin, you can easily get rid of this problem. The plugin automatically adds your WordPress posts to the Buffer queue and post it to social media sites. This helps you to automate all the social media sharing in an easy way and get a huge response from visitors.

8. Instant Articles for WP

Social networking site Facebook is widely used by SEO professionals for the promotion of articles on the WWW. That is why Facebook has introduced Instant Articles for all publishers. Using this plugin, you can easily setup your WordPress site for Facebook Instant Articles. It allows you to share your articles quickly on Facebook pages and get more likes & shares. You can also view the actual status of each Instant Articles submission on the edit page of your posts.

Final Words:

Boosting the user engagement on your site is not a child’s play. If you have a good content on your site, it brings some traffic from search engines which are not sufficient. You need to make your content go viral and boost the social engagement. Just use the above-mentioned WordPress plugins to achieve this target.

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