Do you have to go to the store for your mobile phone repair? Do you want to know more about your everyday constant?

It won’t be wrong to say that today mobile phones are most likely one of the most utilized personal belonging we have. Our mobile phones have literally become part of our everyday lives, we can use them anytime, anywhere and in any situation we want. Hence, it is important that these little gadgets are built to be tough enough to stay standing during the harshest conditions.
However, unfortunately, no matter how well-made mobile phones are, they will in time reach its limit and just break. When this happens with your mobile phone, it can be way better to have some knowledge of the gadget and how to fix at least some of the common and simple problems, so that you can try and keep your losses to the minimum.
Most of the common problems you face with your mobile phones are small issues that can easily be solved, under a very reasonable budget. However, the problem is lack of knowledge and about mobile phones and how to operate it, especially for mobile phone users who are not very technology savvy. 
In this article, you will see some of the most common problems that most of us face with our mobile phones and the most tempting ideas that can help you face these problems and not let them affect your mobile phone utilization. Here are few tempting mobile phone repair ideas:
1.  How to get your mobile phone repaired after it falls into the water?
Even when your wet mobile phone seems dead, there is still good chance it can be brought back to working condition. However, you do need to act fast to keep the damage minimum. The longer the water sits insider your phone, the greater the chance it will kill your phone for good.
·      Remove the battery
Waste no time and cut the power of your phone by removing the battery. Also, if you have a GSM phone, then you also need to remove your SIM card out. This you can be sure that even in worst case scenario you will retain most of your onboard information, like contact numbers.  
·      Dry your phone
Next, move fast and dry your phone. If you wait for the moisture to evaporate naturally, then you are only increasing the chances of corrosion and damaging the mobile phone. Instead, what you can do is blow or suck the water out of your phone. However, make sure you don’t use a hair dryer to do so, as the heat from the hair dryer can fry your phone’s insides.
Use a can of compressed air, or a vacuum cleaner, as the idea is to use air to push or pull the moisture out via the same channels that it entered from.  
·      Use a desiccant
Lastly, now use a desiccant to wick away any leftover moisture from the phone. The most convenient and available choice is uncooked rice. All you need to do it leave the mobile phone and its removed battery inside the bowl or a bag of grains for overnight.
Take your phone out in morning and turn it on.
2.  How to get your mobile phone repaired from a damaged battery?
Batteries are the common and first mobile parts that need fixing. Luckily, it is also one of the very easy to fix parts. Most of us have experienced our phones to run out of battery or feel a bit bloated. If this when then its most likely the time to get your phone checked from the nearest electronic store and buy a new battery.
·      When buy the new battery make sure to pick the one that suits your phone, in terms of power rating and battery size.
·      Remove the back cover of your mobile phone, slide it up or flip it off of your mobile phone and reveal the battery bay.
·      Now, replace the old battery with the new one.
·      Just charge your phone and enjoy the improved phone life.
3.  How to fix the damaged screen of your mobile phone?
We all have been there, at one point in our life. When you drop your phone accidentally, the first thing to do is go to a repair store and get your damaged screen checked. However, when you see some severe cracks or dead pixels on the screen, it may just be time to replace the screen.
·      Just like with batteries, make sure you find the exact replacement screen that is built into your phone model. Don’t even try modifying some other phone screen because that just won’t work.
·      Reveal the back panel of your phone by removing the back cover.
·      Next remove the motherboard, first make sure if you need to remove any screws holding the motherboard in. This will give you access to phone’s screen.
·      Just disconnect the motherboard from the screen, they normally are connected with plugin-type connectors and they should easily pull off.
·      Now, connect the new screen to the motherboard. If you got the exact replacement then you should be able to use the same connectors.
·      Just put everything back in place and your phone is good to go. 
4.  How to fix any possible issues with your phone battery not charging.
One of the common problems with mobile phones is that they don’t charge anymore. Here are few options to look into:
·      Check your phone battery. Open your back case and check the condition of your battery. By looking at the battery you will get the idea if it is the source of the problem if it then replaces it.
·      Next, check your mobile charger. Use another mobile phone that your charger can charge and check if the problem is on your charger. If your charger is faulty, replace it with a new one. However, make sure to not buy a charger with higher ampere ratings, as it can cause your good battery to bloat or even explode.
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