If you ever have been felt neglected even after spending enough of money on your blog, services and heavy investments continuously then a good news is, your efforts will be worth admiring with amazing Mobile App Development Platforms for iOS and Android Apps. The mobile platforms available help you quickly and it cost effective manner even if you have little knowledge about coding.

Mobile App Development Platforms to Build and Control iOS And Android Apps

Here, come the famous Mobile App development platforms, control android Apps list that will help you to automate your processes in much efficient manner.

  • io

It is a cloud-based mobile app that helps in creating an application for Android, Windows phone, and iOs and also includes Apache in order to give success to built-in components.

This builder runs in the cloud and there is no need of installing or downloading and its quite easy to start with it. It has visual editors with drag and drop option to develop the user interface. RESTFUL services in the application are also added to it in order to store backend data.

  • Mobile Roadie

It is also one of the famous app creators that allow to manage and create own iOS or Android application. The platform also supports all media types and automate importing of Google news, Twitter, and real-time chatting.

You can also connect to preview your application accurately and to access to other devices as well. This application also used guides via submission process with quality checking including appropriateness of content using iPhone application development tools supported. You can get all variety of data including XML, HTML, and PHP. You can get your craft a customized look as well.

  • The App Builder

You can build an application using online toolkit and either by training provided by TheAppBuilder. It has a well-defined structure and with the facility of providing multiple windows to users and even customizing their own branding. You can also protect both public and private applications with their usernames and passwords and also by distributing them via application store. This platform also supports native iPhone and Android and with updates after 60 seconds of submitting the change.

  • Good Barber

This provides a platform to develop an Android and iPhone application. It allows you to take control of every single detail that is happening without getting into much of coding. It has customizable themes and beautiful icons. Along with native Android applications, you can have a free web mobile version in order to access from phone browsers. You can also link your domain name and be working with your official mobile version of your website.

  • Appy Pie

It is a cloud-based DIY application creation tool that allows you to create an application without much programming skills and work amazingly on all mobile development platforms. There’s nothing in it to download or install you can be received d HTML5 based hybrid application that is compatible with all platforms. All of its revisions are real-time and do have the ability to send and push notifications, monetize with ads and watching analytics.

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