Once your business starts growing, then you undoubtedly desire to add web hosting to your existing services to serve your users in a better way. Whereas, some of you show interest in the process of web hosting and want to start a reseller hosting business. No matter why you want to run a web hosting company, you must know how to begin the process in the first place. Therefore, to make your job easy, below are the steps to follow through the process of web hosting without any problem:


  • Make sure you do the right amount of research to find out which web hosting companies offer the reseller hosting feature.

  • Ensure to estimate the new customers to add after you set up your company because the calculation helps you to choose the appropriate package for you.

  • Clarify the various sizes and kinds of offers which you will offer your customers.

  • Fix the cost which customers have to pay for availing your packages. Also, calculate the amount which existing customers have to add if you offer web hosting as a value-added service.

  • Inevitably compare among different Reseller Hosting Plans to understand which is the best suited for your requirements and budget.

  • Sign the contract for the reseller package which you think will cater to your needs perfectly.

  • Grasp the information and instruction from the parent company to set up your packages seamlessly.

  • Once you set up your venture, start marketing campaigns and add new customers.

  • Ensure to provide support to your customers so that your business begins to grow.

Since you have acquired much information about how to start reseller hosting, now it is time to know some interesting facts about it. So, let us discuss:  

Interesting Facts about Reseller Hosting:

Sometimes the hosts charge the reseller based on the number of clients which means as soon as the reseller includes a client, the person has to pay the host a certain amount of money. However, you can also select from different available packages as various host companies provide separate packages for reseller hosting and each of them offers distinct features, and one such package offer is from the WPX hosting deal. Below are some of the standard features you see in these packages:

  • In reseller hosting, you not only accomplish your strategies but also constitute different types of accounts based on your requirements.

  • The parent hosting organization gives you the privilege of branding your company which is dedicated to web hosting and invisible to the clients.

  • This package allows you to enjoy the bandwidth.

  • It gives you an opportunity to host the domain along with a certain amount of disc space.

  • You can also offer features such as monitoring tools, emails, additional scripts, control panel, and so on similar to your parent company to your clients to make the process of reseller hosting lucrative.


Nowadays reseller hosting is a great business opportunity to grow resulting in giving birth to multiple startups on a regular basis. Therefore if you also want to start reseller hosting, then follow the steps mentioned above for better growth in less time. Also, ensure to choose a package according to your requirements. However, consider the exciting facts about reseller hosting.

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