There’s no doubt our lives are so much easier now because of the advancement of technology.

Gone are the days that you have to make your own food and build your own fire, walk countless miles to reach your destination, and do hard and manual chores such as washing your clothes and your dishes.
Because of technology, we get to live a more comfortable life. Almost everything is accessible within the reach of our fingertips. You don’t need to scout every book in the library just to find trivial information. With just a few clicks on your mobile device, information is readily accessible.


Technology has also made our work easier. You rarely have to spend countless overtime hours at the office just to collect and gather information using pen and paper. We work faster and deliver better results because of the help of machines and technology.


A lot of companies now are using robotics in their production process. Because of this, more people are getting afraid that someday, they will be replaced by robots and machines. They feel their employment is threatened and they tend to develop negative feelings toward technology. This should not be the case.


Though it’s inevitable that technology is already a part of our lives–whether in personal or professional aspect–you should still acknowledge the fact that with the proper use of technology, you can be more efficient at your job.
Though there’s a threat that technology is killing your job, there’s no doubt that it will also be the factor that can save it. Here’s how technology can be an instrument in more career opportunities:

May Open New Doors for Opportunities

One of the reasons for job loss nowadays is automation. Automation is the use of various control systems for operating equipment or processes with minimal to zero use of human intervention. Because automation can do some of the tasks that an employee can do, employers feel the need to cut down the workforce since productivity will be met without employing the same number of people.
Automation should not be perceived as the bad guy though. In fact, it can even save your job and create more jobs. With the use of automation tools, your employer saves energy and resources. Yes, he may be cut down a certain percentage of his workforce but because of automation, his team can focus on more important tasks such as innovation and creative thinking.


For example, business may switch to electronic billing software to do tedious tasks that employees dread–giving them more time to do meaningful work. This new idea and the money saved by using automation, can create more projects which are equivalent to new job opportunities.

Technology Brings the Possibility of Nearshoring Back

Many companies use outsourcing because they can save tons of money by hiring team members outside of the country, yet get the same quality of service. Most customer service areas are using outsourced employees from countries like the Philippines, India, Singapore, etc. These countries offer way less salary than hiring someone within the country.


Outsourcing has been a major threat when it comes to job availability and stability. Thanks to technology, outsourcing may not be as big of a threat anymore. Technology helps lower down the cost of production and makes the cost of domestic manufacturing competitive. It opens not just the opportunity of hiring local employees again–but also new fields that were not available a few years ago.

Technology Offers Long-Term Advantages

Yes, there’s currently a risk of job loss because of automation and advancement of technology, however the short-term drawbacks are certainly outweighed by long-term advantages. Employers may reduce a number of his employees, but automation increases productivity which allows the employer to expand his company and his employment ranks.


There are a lot of companies now that by using robotics–they learn to value their long-term employees instead of getting rid of them. Technology and people should work hand in hand together.

It Keeps Companies Competitive

With thousands of competitors out there, more companies are now recognizing the fact that they need to embrace automation and robotics for the advancement of their company. The job loss of low-skilled position is offset by the productivity, savings, and safety technology can deliver. There is even project management software that can help a business owner keep track of employees without being overbearing with several emails throughout the day.


Instead of perceiving automation as an apocalypse when it comes to the elimination of job, it should be viewed as something that promises a silver lining. What if there is a natural disaster in your community? By having a disaster recovery tool, your staff will know what work needs to be done, and all data will remain safe–your business will never miss a beat.

It’s Not as Bad as You Think

Technology drives the job market to continue to evolve, resulting in more opportunities for new collar jobs. Because companies want to strive and succeed, technology should be used as a tool to develop new concepts and ideas and deliver better customer service and quality of products.


It’s easy to fall on the temptation of blaming technology for job loss. Instead of having this negative feeling, turn it upside down and use technology to your advantage. Learn to adapt to changes brought by technology and if you continue to educate yourself, you will become a valued and irreplaceable employee.  

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