If you’ve been looking for a way to streamline your grocery shopping process, you’re not alone. Using nothing but my brain and a pen and paper, I frequently create horribly incomplete shopping lists, or wind up with extraneous bottles of ketchup sitting forever unused in my pantry. Truth be told, grocery shopping is a fairly complex process, involving proactive meal planning, analysis of current wares, market prices, and nutritional requirements. It’s a wonder I’m still alive, honestly, but modern technology has created some exciting tools to help keep me that way. Here are just a few ways mobile apps are revolutionizing traditional pillars of the grocery shopping experience.
Shopping Lists: 
      The list is the lynchpin of the grocery shopping ordeal. Perhaps you’ve attempted shopping without one? It’s not easy. Mobile apps provide some great shopping list solutions, meaning you don’t have to worry so much about leaving your list at home. They provide tons of features beyond simply listing food items. Our Groceries Shopping List, for instance, makes it easy to share your list with your whole household, so that even if plans change you can stay on top of things as a team.
The Pantry: 
      This is the ultimate measure of what you need–when compiling a list of groceries, it’s imperative to check the pantry for what you’ve already got and what you are missing. But if you are unable to browse your current stock, it becomes pretty hard to shop confidently. Out of Milk is a shopping list app that includes a special pantry tracking tool, so you can be confident about what you need and what you don’t, even if you are away from home.
      The cookbook is another primary toolkit for building shopping lists. Cookbooks provide the variety needed to make meal plans worth getting excited about. Traditional cookbooks work, but they are expensive, cumbersome, and quickly run dry of new ideas. Fortunately, there are new services which use user-provided recipes to create endless variety for cooks.  Allthecooks Recipes app, for example, lets users share and promote recipes in a social atmosphere. Since its mobile, it can be used to help you put together meal ideas and find out exactly what you’ll need while you walk the aisles of the store!
Coupons and Sales: 
      Grocery stores like to incite impulse buys by surprising you with big sales and coupons for things you didn’t plan on buying. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing; perhaps I wasn’t planning on buying 50 lbs. of dog food, but it’s marked it down 50%…at that price maybe I can finally afford to go buy a dog! Better yet, sometimes you get lucky and find that something on your list has been discounted. Grocery stores have lots of promotions, so it happens fairly frequently, but its also nigh impossible to predict unassisted.

      Luckily, there are apps out there to assist you. Rely on luck no longer! Mobile apps provide numerous ways to save you money by taking advantage of coupons and sales. Grocery IQ is a nice shopping list app that also provides coupon suggestions from Coupons.com. Out of Milk checks your location to notify you of local grocery sales while you are out.
      If you are interested in the health pros and cons of your food, apps can help you analyze a product before you even purchase. Fooducate is a neat little app that scans barcodes to dig up all the nutritional secrets and compare or recommend similar foods. Of course, it’s got the somewhat moralizing tendency to recommend oranges when you want to buy cookies. If you have a more goal-oriented approach to nutrition, then check out Lose It!, a robust weight loss and fitness app that can track your food and calorie intake to help you get results.
      If you’re not so worried about fitness, perhaps consider never leaving your couch? The Amazon Mobile shopping app has a full grocery department, letting you order everything you need for delivery right to your door. To save even more time and energy, just use the barcode scanner on the stuff you run out of. Amazon will look it up for you and make it easy to order replacements. Alternatively, you can use the scanner while you are out shopping to check prices online and decide whether to purchase an item in-store or wait for delivery.
      If you’ve been frustrated by past shopping experiences, consider how some of these solutions might help in the future. Most of the mobile apps listed here are free and available on both iOS and Android, so why not give them a try!
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