A Short Post on How Facebook Works! About its Data Centres, Servers, Storage, etc. In my previous post, I’ve given a brief history and origin of Facebook. Now let me tell you about how such a huge Social Networking Site manages to store its data and servers.  Initially, a set of few Harvard Students had coded facebook. And Mark Zuckerberg named his coded website as ‘thefacebook’.

So, how does this $100 Billion Dollar website manage to store so many Photos and Information of a Billion people?

Handling the Profile Information and Photos of about a Billion people is not so easy, because according to the present stats it says that around 250 Million photos are uploaded onto Facebook every day. So, it becomes a very difficult task to store such a huge amount of photos and videos. It all about how technology is used on a high scale. Here users are growing at a rate of 100 million new users every 6 months.

So handling information of such a massive amount of people is not that easy. At Facebook, there is 1 Engineer appointed to handle the information for Every 100 Million users. There is no other website which has got such a huge amount of traffic.
However, the main issue or task here is storage. For this Facebook has set up its main Data Centre a Very Huge one in Prineville, Oregon, United States. A huge data center of 300 thousand sq. feet. Here is where your information is stored in massive memory banks. It has around 20 million feet of Fiber Optic cables that transfer data at the speed of light. These fiber optic cables connect a never-ending row of servers. There are 4D Data Centres that provide ultra-fast connectivity with business-focused clouds.
Ken Patchett is the General Manager of this Data Centre who manages everything there. Whenever a person types facebook.com on a URL of a browser and Logs in the Open Internet’s request straight goes and lands on to the data centre at Oregon and there a request is sent to one of the Facebook-Server, where all your complete profile information and everything is processed and complied and it is sent back onto your screen. And the interesting part of this is that all this huge process happens just in milliseconds.
Many people think that Facebook and the internet are like clouds that float in the air. But, it does not like that it’s a physical structure like these huge data centres all around the world and these data centres all around the world can contact each other. This data center uses 30 MegaWatts of power, so any power failure may lead to the loss of huge data. So, just in case of such an issue it also has diesel invertors that can produce such power. Now it’s also trying to produce most of its power from solar energy.

Such a huge number of servers produce a lot of heat and if these are not kept cool then everything will Get crashed! So it has got Huge Air Conditioning systems. And talking about the software part of it Facebook uses a variety of tools and programming languages. It runs on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP).

So, that’s all about how the World’s Top Social Networking Site – Facebook. And that’s how it manages a Billion Users’ information using its huge data centres.

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