Hey, friends in my today’s post I will tell you how to trace, locate or find a mobile’s location on the Google maps. It shows almost the exact location, not like other services which provide only the city location. This will show the location of the cellular tower from which the mobile is connected.


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So this method is mainly used to locate your smartphone if it’s stolen or lost. And so if your mobile is lost you need not get tensed you can locate it very easily with an anti-theft feature provided by many apps. But for this tutorial, I’ve chosen AVG mobile antivirus Free Edition. The free edition of AVG itself has many features so I prefer this app well you can use many other apps which provide this service to the user.


So now let us quickly move on to the tutorial how to locate it. I’ll tell you step by step how to do it. Firstly the requirement is to have the app installed on your mobile. This is nothing special cause its common thing that all suggest doing i.e. to have an antivirus installed on your device.
After you have Installed the app on your device it will ask you for your email address so just give your email. Next, you will receive a mail from AVG as shown below.

In the mail you got there will be a link in the first point as you can see above so just go to that link or else here is the Link.

So when you go to that link it will take you to the official site of AVG and it will take 4 minutes to locate your device and it will show you the location of smartphone on the Google maps as you can see in the image. It will give you the complete details of your device with the model number, device name, etc. When you want to see the location again just click on Locate option above. It will refresh and give you the new location. You not only have locate feature you also have other features to lock your device, unlock it, etc. So its really a cool app which gives you useful features.
You need not worry even if the SIM card id changed still you have the chance to locate your device. It will send you a mail of the new SIM card details as you can see in the image. So it will try to send some text and try to locate the mobile location details.

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