Apple PCs like – tablets and smartphones have constantly beaten consumer satisfaction and reliability surveys and regularly by no little margin. In spite of the fact that Macs are not sold to the value of other PCs, their high costs make Apple the biggest PC manufacturer. However, consumers with tight budget look for the other option. For such people, refurbished MacBook is the best option to go with.


What are Refurbished Macs?

Refurbished Macs are basically the reconditioned or returned models which are returned by the customer because of some kind of functioning and manufacturing default. These products undergo the complete quality check before placing the seller place it for resale. This is a cheap affair as compared to the new MacBook Air.

Factors to Consider When Buying

If you want to assure that the refurbished MacBook Air you are thinking to buy is a perfect choice you have to keep certain things in mind at the time of purchase.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors which you should not overlook:

  1. Hardware Test

Hardware is considered as an important aspect to examine all the external ports of the MacBook. Ensure that these ports are clean and work well. Look for any dents on the machine surface. Small dents caused due to routine wear and tear are fine; however, if you watch out larger dents on the body, this may point out to the serious internal issues.

You can conduct a hardware test on PC. The AHT (Apple Hardware Test) includes of diagnostics suite that verifies your PC hardware. It is the best method to discard a hardware problem when troubleshooting your PC. Ensure that you connect with AC Power while running the test on Mac. Remove out any external devices, like USB drives which are connected to MacBook prior to the conduct of hardware test. If this is possible, ensure that you perform Extended Testing instead of Necessary Testing when doing AHT.

  1. Serial Number

This number is the other important aspect of MacBook Air which is frequently ignored by the purchaser. It is necessary that you must examine the Refurbished MacBook Air 11 serial number. This number is located at the bottom of MacBook towards the center. Make a comparison of the serial number which you watch out on the surface of the product with that in the software. Therefore, you will come to know the serial number. Ensure that the serial number show in this place is exactly the same which is printed on the machine surface.

The serial number is a vital factor when checking the warranty and service information of MacBook Air which you are looking to buy. If the Mac is only a few years old, there are possibilities that it might be covered under the warranty.

  1. Camera

The best method to check the MacBook camera is open up the Photobooth on the PC. You can likewise utilize the Facetime application to check whether the camera is in a good working condition. In the event you see a message that says ‘There is no related Camera,’ this means that the camera unit might have some issues and may require some examination.

  1. Condition of Battery

This is the other aspect which one should dive before going with the deal. Replacing the battery must be a costly affair. To assess the condition of battery Tap on the Applications < Click Utilities < System Information. On the System Information screen, tap on the ‘Power’ and search for the condition and cycle count under the Health Information. Ensure that status says Normal and there is sufficient count remaining on the device.

  1. Sound and Audio

A Mac audio is the other aspect of the hardware device which you must definitely look at. Ensure that not only the internal speakers functions well, but also the headphone port must function accurately. To ensure that both functions well plug in the headphones and test out the port.

  1. Check the Software Condition

When you’re looking to buy a refurbished Mac ensure that the seller has removed the iCloud account from MacBook. For this find my Mac feature to ensure that it has been disabled.

Plenty of users protect their MacBook Air with an added layer of security by making use of firmware password. Assure that the seller has removed the firmware password. Try to invoke a firmware password or booting the machine to recovery command if there is one connected with the PC.

An ideal approach to test is to reset the PRAM and NVRAM to test the product. Also, you can do the SMC reset if you discover any bizarre issues with the keyboards or display backlight.

Where to Buy Refurbished Macs

Refurbished iMac desktops and MacBook laptops are sold by a range of retailers. Apple runs its own Certified Apple Refurbished program, Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy sell refurbished Macs, as do places like Gazelle and Mac of All Trades.

Refurbished MacBook price comparison tool RefurbMe is also pretty useful. It looks at all of the prices and deals offered by these retailers, including the warranty, returns policies, shipping cost and more to help people save money on a refurbished Macbook. It also has a notification feature letting users receive emails about when their desired Macbook is back in stock or has had a price drop.

Final Words

I hope that the pointers highlighted in this article are great for making a good deal. If you think that we miss out some other factors, feel free to share it in the comments below.

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