Facebook! Who on earth doesn’t know this name? Haha.. there may be few! But in general, as we know that it’s the #1 Social Networking Site as of now and will be for years ahead. It is the Highest traffic managing site ever in Internet history till date.
The value of facebook is presently rated at 104 Billion dollars. And according to stats around 100 millions users are getting registered to facebook in every 6 months. And currently has more than 1 billion+ users and rapidly increasing to be frank increasing virally.

Well, I will tell you some really awesome tricks which you can use on this #1 Social Networking site.
Blue Status Trick !
In this Trick you can create a status text in Blue Colour.
How to Use it : Just copy the below code and replace the ‘write here’ with your own text!
@@[1:[0:1: write here]]
                                      Update an Empty Status !
You cannot just update an empty status, for that you need to copy the below code and paste it in your status box and then click on update.
Enter a empty Comment !
This is a very Simple trick. Got many ways to do it. But the most easy way is just enter the number or digit ‘0’ and click enter in the comments box. The number 0 will be viewed once and it will become empty soon.
Troll your Friends with Blue Status Trick !
This is an awesome trick to troll your friends with the blue status trick!
I will show you an example how you can troll them. See below,
Do You Know ? Who is the Most craziest person on Facebook..
I Just found his/her Profile @@[1:[0:1: Click Here to View it]]

So it’ll look something like this when you update the status.
Hence when some one sees your status and click on the “Click here to View it” link it will redirect the page to their own profile. Thus, the person will get trolled. Isn’t that a cool Trick J
You need not sit and download the pics one by one if your friends has upload a new album. You can now download the whole album in just a single Click! To see the process goto this link for steps.
Hope you liked these tricks! More tricks will be posted in my next post so stay tuned. And please do Comment below if you find any new innovative tricks we will surely add it to the post. J

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