You have just graduated college and you are eager to jump into the workforce… With your new college degree, bubbly personality, and past experience through internships, you are certain that you will be the right fit.

For this analogy, let’s just call you Jane.
Jane posts about her graduation on her social media profiles – including LinkedIn. Of course, like any avid job seeker, Jane is well-versed in the LinkedIn world as it now plays a vital role in the search for employees.
A few days later, Jane gets a message – on LinkedIn – from Dan. Dan is a recruiter for a major tech company out of Houston, Texas – not far from where Jane lives.
So, just how exactly did Dan find Jane?
Well, the answer is simple…
Dan knows how to adequately and efficiently use social media to get his job done.
In an era where the Internet is at our fingertips and our resume could almost be pulled directly from our social media profile, recruiting companies, and human resource companiesare relying on social media more than ever…
But, just what are they using it for?

Profiling for Experience

First off, recruiting companies use social media similar to how other companies use profiling software. Have you ever wondered, “How does a bank work?” when it comes to profiling and knowing which products you most likely need?
They simply use a software – or specialized training, depending on their budget – which will give them insight as to what you might be looking for next based on your age, amount of money, current products, and time spent with the bank.
Recruiting companies don’t use necessarily the same software, however, they do scan your profile to see what your current qualifications are and past experience, then, they can match you to careers based on what the employer is looking for and what you already have.

Profiling for Personality

Most people don’t consider how exposed what they put online actually is…
In fact, 46 percent of companies have reported rejecting a job candidate solely based off of inappropriate or provocative information or photographs they have posted on their profile.
Job candidates can be quite deceiving as you always want to put your best foot forward when it comes to an interview. However, not everyone keeps this best foot forward once they get the job – leaving some employers highly unhappy with their final choice in the long run.
But, thanks to social media, employers, and recruiters can scan your profile in advance for any red flags they might consider an issue.

Profiling for Skills

In addition to who you really are outside of work and what experience you have, recruiters can often use your social media to test your skills. In a technologically advanced world, average knowledge of social media and other Internet sites are the desired trait.
Therefore, recruiters can use your social media profile to determine just how tech-savvy you actually are.

Final Thoughts

It all boils down to the importance of how you present yourself online…
Recruiters and human resource companies are always looking for the newest social media site and how they can use these sites to locate and vet potential job candidates.
While you might think just because they aren’t your friend, they can’t see what you post – you can’t protect everything. Once it is on the Internet, there is just about always a way of finding it.
Social media can be your friend in the sense that it can help recruiters locate you based on your experience, but it can also be your enemy if you don’t use it wisely.

Have you ever knowingly had your social media profile(s) viewed by a recruiter or potential employer? Share your experience with us in the comments! 

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