Have you recently read a blog on your favorite store’s blog?  

Maybe it was your favorite clothing store and they wrote something about the best Thanksgiving outfits. Or, maybe it was your favorite food store and they wrote something about different ways to season your Christmas ham.  

And, it is likely that you saw the link to this post on one of their social media sites – likely Facebook.   All of that is part of their content marketing strategy – from the content itself to sharing it on Facebook.   And, did you know that content marketing is one of the marketers’ biggest assets right now?   Well, it is – and, you can learn more about marketing and marketing tools such as marketing automation on a place I frequent, Gedlynk’s site.   It is incredibly influential and relatable – but, only if it is done correctly. Just a few mistakes could cost you the quality of the content on your blog:

1.   Using only text as content

Have you ever scrolled through an entire blog post to only see one long paragraph after another?

Truth be told – there is nothing I hate more than that.

I don’t know about you, but my eyes need a break – show me a picture or something.

And, I am not the only one who feels this way…

High-quality content should contain pictures, videos, and hyperlinks – don’t create content using only text. The more creative you can get, the more engaged your reader will be.

But, you can decipher what exactly each post should contain when you are working on this next item.

2.   Lacking a strategy

Every success story starts with a plan – for something, anything. And, developing high-quality content and successfully running a blog is no different.

Start by developing a strategy for how you will share your content, what outlets you will focus on, and what your theme will be. This strategy will set the tone for the rest of your content.

3.   Lacking internal links

Backlinks – hyperlinks back to your posts – are an important aspect of SEO. It adds to the credibility of your post and your website as a whole.

Of course, you should try to secure outside links too, but, place some links of your own – this will direct traffic to other areas of your site (or previous posts) and also improve your SEO.

4.   Creating ideas in a vacuum

When I first started blogging, I would simply write about anything that came to mind – it could be my personal feelings I came to terms with in the shower or even a trending topic I ran across on Twitter.

But, while most blog ideas do come to you randomly, they should still have some direction. For example, you should still pick a generic theme for your blog and narrow plausible ideas down to what falls in line with that.

5.   Writing strictly for SEO

Yes, SEO – search engine optimization – is critical. The search engines are only getting smarter, and SEO is what will help you the most.

However, focusing solely on that can be a major downfall in the quality of your content.

Rather than focusing on keyword stuffing and keyword density, study up on the most important SEO practices and incorporate those into your high-quality content.

Here’s a secret – one key aspect the search engines are looking for is high-quality content.   Don’t be mistaken – you cannot simply put any quality of content on your blog. You must ensure you only develop and share high-quality content. And, not all content is good content.   Good content – like any successful thing – takes time and planning.   But, you can start by making note of these 5 common mistakes you should avoid. Trust me, it will save you quite a bit of trouble in the long run.

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