Have you ever wanted to wake up in the morning, have breakfast, and start working in your pajamas? 

Not only would you get paid to work from home, but you would get paid to watch and write about sports! This dream is not farfetched. With the revolution of the Internet and the shift to online cultures, this dream can become a reality using blogs. Although starting a blog sounds easy, managing the blog can be difficult. The picture painted above sounds great, but the biggest challenge will come with monetization. Your dream cannot become a reality until you find some way to make money. To help you find ways to make money on your sports blog, here are 7 powerful tips for beginners::


Although this is not an avenue to directly monetize your blog, the content you write will act as the base for your entire website. What content you produce will be the key to success. Better content means more customer traffic, which, in turn, creates more paths for monetization. Successful sports blog should have a good mix of content. This means blogs you write personally, news stories, games updates, and even video content. With so many different kinds of sports, there are countless options for content.

One tip for content is to make sure that it is unique. No one wants to read the same articles twice, so make the blogs you create your own. This can involve adding some sort of quirk or niche to your articles such as a comedic twist. Another way to attract customer is to offer content that directly responds to the demand. For example, you can offer content related to online betting. As the industry is growing, more people are looking for material that gives them the odds of the games which can be then used for betting or fantasy sports. For more about betting odds, click on this link to learn more. 


With great content and constant traffic, you can now start monetizing your website. The easiest and most common way to earn money through blogs is with advertisements. There are a couple different advertisement routes: direct ads and click ads.
     Direct advertisement, known as banner ads, is an ad embedded into your web page. Companies such as Adblade or Advertising.com can provide good advertisement networks for direct ads. Money is made by displaying your ads on your most trafficked pages. The more traffic is seeing these ads, the more money you can make.
     Click advertisements is an advertising model that pays per click. Instead of just showing the ad, you make money as users click through into the other website. This is the most common type of ad technique for beginners as many companies such as Google Adsense offers easy to set up pay-per-click ads. When looking at an advertising network, make sure they do not have a traffic minimum. For example, Clicksor requires 50,000 monthly impressions.

Advertisements are not perfect. The largest problem is you get paid very little for having advertisements. For example, a pay-per-click is relatively low at 3 cents per click. With the average click-through rate being at 0.1%, this equals very little ad revenue. Large companies such as ESPN can earn a high amount of ad revenue due to its high amount of traffic. Even though this won’t pay the bills, it is a good start. 


Another way to create revenue for your blog is to have a subscription service. This is a simple monthly service that allows your users to obtain otherwise locked content. To have a successful subscription service, you must have intriguing content. No one will want to pay for a monthly subscription if the content is not worth it. This is usually something that can be implemented down the road once there is an established customer base. Make sure that you still offer some free content. If all of your content is locked behind a subscription service, you may lose massive amounts of traffic.Your content should not only be worth the price but should also be affordable. Additionally, a subscription service allows advertising opportunities for your blog such as offering free 1-month subscriptions. 

Services and Products

If you don’t want to rely on your content for monetization, you can always offer products and services to your customers.  Products can include t-shirts or accessories with your blog’s name. This creates an added revenue stream for your blog as well as advertisement. Offering products can be tricky and are not recommended for beginners. For a product to be successful, the website must have a good and loyal following. It will also require serious startup capital to buy the initial inventory for your store. If this is too difficult, you can offer a service. This can be special to your unique skills as a professional. For example, offering coaching services for amateur teams or fantasy sports. This is easier than products as it does not require startup inventory. 


If you do not want to offer any personal products or services, you can partner with companies that do. Through your partnership, you can advertise their products or link your website to their store. Money can be made through a percentage of products that are sold or a flat advertising fee. This method involves you personally contacting other businesses. If you are having trouble or want to approach partnerships in a different route, you can go through affiliate programs. This is when you earn commission for promoting others products or services. There are many affiliate programs such as Clickbankor Rakuten that help beginners connect their websites with other businesses.


Holding events can be a good path for monetizing your sports blog. Creating events can include sports workshops, conferences, or even organizing meetups with local players. Although events can be useful, they require a lot of work. Not only will they be costly at first, but will also require research, advertisements, and in some cases, partnerships. Once this is accomplished, a successful event can create a lot of buzz about your website.


Donations are one of the most fickle ways to monetize your sports blog. This requires your customers to donate, either one time or monthly, to your website. This can be accomplished with websites such as Patreon. To make donations successful, you must have unique content that’ll make people want to donate to your website. You must also have a loyal customer base that is willing to continue funding your website. Although this seems like a stretch, many companies such as Defranco Inc. or Bloggerghast have been funded by donations. 

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