Thing that catches your eye can match your heart. Mobile app is not exception of this. If the app is capable enough to catch the eyes of users, your goal of acquiring users is half done. A random design doesn’t make any magic in attracting and engaging users. In fact, it may leave a bad impression. But, what makes a simple design an outstanding design? If you’re in the hunt of the same, this guide is exclusively for you. Whether you are trying to be an app owner or a designer who is striving to master the art of design, this guide works splendidly.

Top 7 Tips for an Elegant App Design

1.     Create intuitive color hierarchy
You no need to tell everything in text. The values of colour can be used to denote purpose. If users have to choose between 4 options of different values, you can present that in this style. I hope it tells you everything.

Instead of presenting all the options in the same color, if you just put an extra effort to design like this, it creates much more values to your entire design effort. Particularly, mobile app development companies Delhi and Bangalore are very popular in using it.
In another instance, use the colour variations to indicate ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ decisions. The below image tells you everything about it.

2.     Display simple lists stylishly, so stylishly
The majority of mobile apps present information in simple lists. But presenting the same information in the form of stylishly cut mango slices or in sections can be a cool visual experience for users. This is where you should know Information Architecture (IA). With a disciplined ground work, the same UI designer can convey the same information in a captivating manner.
3.     Be responsive to users’ actions
Nobody enjoys loading time. If you want users to bear the loading time, do this.

4.     Implement trending Flat Design
Most designers make simple things complicated by using “skeuomorphism design” in the place of “Flat Design”. Flat design is trending now a days. It doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have texture or shadows. Instead, it shouldn’t be confusing. The ultimate decision of choosing between these two designs depends on your target audience. Though, most people like Flat Design.
5.     Use trending gestures
If you’ve used Tinder app, you have an understanding of how gesture makes a solid impact.Touch, swipe, double-tap, pinch and zoom are turning out to be second nature to users. Check Luke Wroblewski’s gesture guide, so that your interaction design can have better sense. Mobile application development companies in India are internationally recognized for creating trending gestures for apps.
6.     Finger-friendly design
Fingers are much thicker than pixel-precise mouse cursors, so you should have a special focus for finger-friendly design.If your buttons are too small or kept closely, users can’t tap them accurately. So it may lead to frustration and ultimately abandonment.
7.     Medium and decent fonts
Both small and large fonts are dangerous, which may enforce them to quickly leave from the space where they are. Instead of too small, a bit bigger is not a bad idea. Use fonts that are readable and pleasing to the eyes. Prefer a font that is balanced well with the other elements of the screen.
While doing all these exercises, don’t forget to look into competitors’ apps. They are a key resource that you can’t find anywhere. Follow the above rules and blend it with ideas that you find in competitors’ apps. For the best outcome, you can collaborate with top app design companies who are one of the bests in this field.
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