Software development happens to be the foundation upon which the entire technological advancement relies on. Creating a worthy software on quality budget and on time is one of the greatest challenges faced by many companies.

Research reveals that more than 40% of the projects run over budget while over 5% over time. No matter whether they are mobile applications, Saas, onsite applications or web development, the consequence of a failed project can be shattering.
It has also been brought to light that the larger the company is, the greater is the chance of failure. According to the report, only about 7-9% of the projects in the large companies are able to be successful.
Here an attempt is made to dig out the reasons of such frequent failures of software development projects in case of big companies. Just read on so that you can avoid these pitfalls.
·        Poorly Defined Project Scope – It is a general tendency among most organizations to avoid spending the necessary time to plan systematically and clearly define the project objectives and expectations. But it is imperative that you have a comprehensive understanding of what the client requires from the software just to avoid the common mistakes.  The exploration involves going over any question that arises in regards to the project. Even though the client may emerge with a set project, it is advisable that you and your entire team go over it so that perfection can be achieved.
·        Unrealistic Time and Budget Expectations – According to the research, most of the software development projects surpass the time and cost stipulated for the same. The average overrun time as a congregate of all companies combined is about 225% of the original time estimate while the average overrun cost of the total of all companies is about 190% of the original cost estimate. To prevent such a circumstance from cropping up, it is advisable that developer be honest and transparent with the customer right from the beginning to avoid disappointment in a later stage and set realistic expectations.
·        Bad Project Management – There are quite a few companies that still prioritize their practices over their people without paying any heed to the fact that bad project management can result in huge monetary costs and even greater costs for the team. This can be solved in a number of ways like assigning the right person to manage the project, employing the behavior-based project management approach that brings up the emotional involvement of the investors for enhancing the performance and the engagement and so on. These trigger in the formation of more effective project teams and enable better project delivery.
·        Sloppy Communication – There should be transparent and clear communication between the developer and the customer for bespoke software development projects. You should arrange for a clear communication channel right from the beginning that must be inclusive of every phase of the project starting from planning, execution, testing and disposition. One of the major reasons of failure for most software development project is the breakdown of the communication system. For best results, the customer should be involved at every stage of the project so that their expectations can be managed and you get to understand the early indicators that there is a chance that the project is going to fail.
·        Absence of Feasibility Analysis – Prior to undertaking a great software development project it is essential for the customer to go through a feasibility analysis to ensure that this type of a software is required by the company, it makes complete sense and will work, if it is implemented.
The above are some of the things that you must keep in mind to make sure that the software development project that your company has undertaken does not fail and achieves success like the product design software that has been assisting both ecommerce businesses as well as its customers in more ways than one till date.
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