In this busy world getting documents on and off your smartphone, especially the ones which are huge in size become a tedious task of connecting cable to laptop then transferring it or transferring it via WiFi/3G/4G network also is a time consuming task.

In such situation this 3-in-1 On the Go iOS USB comes to the rescue by helping us transfer files between smartphones and laptops at blazing transfer speeds and making the task very simple. You can use this flash drive to transfer data among various devices like Android smartphones, iPhones, Android tablets, Blackberry, iPads, Macbooks, Windows PC/ Desktop, etc thereby giving you the ease of transfer without WiFi, Data Networks or Cables.
You can get it in a variety of colors as shown below and get it in different memory size variants like 4 GB, 8 GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB. And supports the following Operating systems like Windows, Apple, Ubuntu and Linux.
This will be a very handy backup tool for smartphone users. It helps you keep your smartphone clear as you can back up all your less used data into the flash drive with ease thereby clearing the memory to make your smartphone run faster and smoother.
Below are the various ports available to use on difference devices:

USB Direct is a large Canadian wholesaler of custom branded USB & promotional products. You can purchase the product from here.

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