Online entrepreneurs are not like other people. Like my Uncle would say: we’re pioneers. Not so long ago this kind of work simply didn’t exist, and if you currently work from home by coding or creating content for websites then that puts you well and truly ahead of the curve as an early adopter.
    As someone who’s a bit ‘technologically ahead’ of the rest, it follows then that you should have the technology of your own that’s a little more advanced than the rest. Your day to day tasks are going to be different from most people’s, and you’re going to rely more on your technology to carry them through. Thus it makes a lot of sense that you should have a somewhat different kind of phone…
    So just what is a phone that’s fit for a web entrepreneur? Read on to find out how to pick your own…

Big Screen
    A big screen is an absolute must for anyone who hopes to get some real work done on their smartphone – even if that work is just answering e-mails and surfing the web occasionally. This is crucial because a big screen will mean a big keyboard allowing for faster typing and the ability to see what you’re reading. Trying to get real work done on a tiny screen can feel like a real battle, so make sure that yours is large.
    Real web entrepreneurs prefer Android phones. Why? Because they are by far the most versatile and the most flexible phones on the market. With an Android phone you can change the keyboard to one you can type on more easily, and you can add and remove files simply by dragging and dropping them as you would in any other folder. You can even install Ubuntu Linux and have a real productivity powerhouse in your hands…
    A stylus isn’t a requirement, but if you take a lot of notes on the go then it is very useful and can often provide a quicker and more convenient form of input.
    A good camera can be highly useful for a webmaster or blogger who wants to take stock images for their site. Again, it’s not an absolute requirement, but it is a big bonus to look out for.
    Of course you also need to make sure that you have a good quality phone that’s well-made and feature rich. This will not only ensure that your device stands the test of time, but will also ensure that anyone who sees you using it will take you and your business seriously. Of course this is where researching the different models comes into play – make sure to read lots of reviews!
Author Bio:
This article is the brainchild of Jason Haddad who works as a tester at Being a fervent writer, he often shares his views and opinions on various technological innovations.

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